Hardware and Handles You Can Be Sure Of. Accessorize Your Storefront with Style

PRL’s expansive selection of hardware and handles compliment each entrance system with fashionable form and security. Entrance systems and hardware with just the right touch!

Fashionable and Secure Hardware and Handles for Commercial or Residential, We Have It All!

Choose the perfect hardware and handles for your glass and aluminum storefront at PRL of California. Furnishing everything you need to equip front entries and transform passageways into panic systems, we’re the supplier you can’t live without. Design a magnificent commercial, industrial or residential storefront with us. Shop our sweeping selection of glass, hardware and handles.

At PRL, we deliver only the best storefront framing components. That’s why we extrude virtually all hardware in-house. Providing durability and uncompromised quality, these materials are ideal for a host of interior and exterior applications. Available in a boundless assortment of architectural finishes and styles, our hardware and handles not only stand the test of time, but garnish access ways in style.

Storefront Framing Clear Anodized

Storefront Framing in Clear Anodized Finish

Custom Rectangle Pull Handle

Entrance Door with Wide Custom Square Pull Handle

Endless Extrusions. Endless Possibilities

Whether your glass and aluminum storefront requires door rails or closers, exterior deadbolt handles or panic devices, rest assured, you can find it in PRL’s expansive line of hardware. Want to set your home or office apart from the rest? Offering the finest extrusion capabilities, we can render an unlimited array of custom pull handles in essentially any design, size or shape.

Create a front ingress that sports function and fashion with our incomparable hardware and handles. Our framing components can accommodate a variety of designs and specifications. As your single-source supplier for everything storefront, PRL Glass & Aluminum’s the manufacturer contractors and specifiers trust.

Hardware and Handles

Storefront Stock Lengths. Huge Assortment in Sizes You Need!

Half Wall Jamb Bronze

Half Wall Jamb
Storefront Stock Length
Bronze Anodized

Vertical Mullion Clear

Vertical Mullion
Storefront Stock Length
Clear Anodized

Corner Post Bronze

135° Corner Post
Storefront Stock Length
Bronze Anodized

Sill Can Assembly Clear

Sill Can Assembly
Storefront Stock Length
Clear Anodized

We offer an impressive selection of storefront stock lengths in standard and custom sizes. Available in clear and bronze anodized finishes, PRL’s framing sections harmonize beautifully with a host of interior and exterior entrance door hardware.

Extruded from 6063-T5 aluminum alloy, our storefront stock lengths provide strength and durability you can rely on. Rendered in standard 24 ft. lengths, we can also custom extrude these framing components to any length.

Available Storefront Stock Lengths:

  • Head assemblies
  • Horizontal assemblies
  • Sill assemblies
  • Wall jambs
  • Door jambs
  • Corner posts
  • Vertical mullions

Rails & Sidelites for Interior & Exterior Applications

Square Dryset Rail Clear

Rapid Dry Set
Sidelite Rail
Clear Anodized

Tapered Dryset Rail Brass

Dry Set
Door Rail
Polished Brass

Tapered Dryset Rail Bronze

Rapid Dry
Set Sidelite Rail
Bronze Anodized

Square Wetset Rail Stainless

Wet Set
Door Rail
Brushed Stainless Steel

For the finest assortment of rails and sidelites, order with PRL. We supply a vast collection of support elements to equip corporate or residential glass and aluminum doors and storefronts. Delivering a variety of sizes, we’ve got it all.

Furnishing everything from traditional wet set rails to rapid dry set sidelite rails, our hardware can meet any architectural specification. Available in anodized, brass and stainless steel finishes, these rails and sidelites make for attractive front access ways.

Available Rails & Sidelites:

  • Top & bottom rails: 2″, 3 1/4″, 5 1/8″, 10″ & custom
  • Dry set rails
  • Wet set rails
  • Rapid dry set sidelite rails

Pivots, Hinges & Closers. Generous Choices. Generous Finishes

Top Pivot Hardware

Top Pivot
Center Hung
Walking Beam
Stainless Steel

Floor Closer Hardware

Dorma 90°
Hold Open
Floor Closer
Brushed Stainless Steel

Bottom Pivot Hardware

Free Swing
Bottom Pivot
Surface Mount
Stainless Steel

Overhead Closer Hardware

Center Hung
Overhead Closer
Cast Iron Housing

Looking for just the right pivots, hinges and closers for your interior or exterior entry? Our selection of hardware can’t be beat. Constructed of stainless steel and cast iron housing, these framing materials won’t disappoint. Whether your storefront calls for standard pivots or center hung hardware, at PRL Glass & Aluminum, we offer generous choices.

Available Pivots, Hinges & Closers:

  • Pivots: Standard, center & offset
  • Hinges: Standard, butt & gear
  • Closers: Overhead, floor, surface & concealed
  • Center hung hardware

Door Locks. Only the Best for Front Passageways

Flush Bolt Door Lock

Flush Bolt
Satin Brass

Magnetic Door Lock

Locknetic Magnetic
Mortise Shear Lock
Polished Stainless Steel

Dust Proof Strike Lock

Bottom Dust Proof
Strike Lock
Bronze Anodized

Electric Strike Door Lock

Double Non-Fail Safe
Electric Strike Lock
Brushed Stainless Steel

Secure your glass and aluminum storefront with confidence with PRL’s line of premium door locks. Delivering a brilliant collection of finishes in brushed and polished stainless steel, satin and polished brass and clear and bronze anodized, this hardware not only offers peace of mind, but a variety of options to accent thresholds.

Don’t compromise when it comes to security. Choose the best. Supplying top quality flush bolts, center lever lock housings, electric strikes and more, PRL’s door locks are perfect for a host of professional institutions and homes.

Available Door Locks:

  • Large assortment of standard door locks
  • Flush bolts
  • Center lever lock housings
  • Center strike lock housings
  • Electric & magnetic strikes

Panic Devices. For Breathtaking Glass & Aluminum Storefront Panic Systems

At PRL, we furnish a large assortment of panic devices for a host of industrial applications. Designed to meet emergency egress regulations, this hardware creates beautiful storefront panic door systems. Render the front entrance your business deserves with our collection of fashionable styles.

Available in a stunning array of finishes, we supply interior panic devices in three different profiles in addition to a fabulous selection of push pad panic devices. Offered in polished and satin stainless steel finishes, polished and satin brass, oil rubbed bronze, powder coat and Kynar paint, PRL’s hardware components will make your framing system stand out from the rest.

Available Panic Devices:

Interior Panic Devices:

  • Top latching tubular design (PL-100): Round, mitered round & square styles
  • Floor latching tubular design (PL-110): Round, mitered round & square styles

Push Pad Panic Devices:

  • Rim panics
  • Concealed rod panics
  • Exposed rod panics
  • Electrified panics
Panic Device Round Profile

PL-100 Panic Device. Available in 3 Trendsetting Styles!


Interior & Exterior Pull Handles. Form & Function Rolled Into One

Push Pull Handle

Push Pull Handle
Clear Anodized

Offset Pull Handle

Pull Handle
Polished Brass

C-Pull Handle

Bronze Anodized

Ladder Pull Handle

Pull Handle
Brushed Stainless Steel

Accessorize your glass and aluminum storefront with distinction. Choose interior and exterior pull handles from PRL of Los Angeles County. Bestowing everything from standard pull handles to the finest locking ladder pulls, we can help you create a great first impression. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

Combining the best of form and function, this group of hardware has a lot to offer. Available in a diverse range of styles and finishes, our interior and exterior pull handles meet a myriad of architectural designs. Bring radiance to your ingress. Select from PRL’s broad quantity of premium finishes. Whether you prefer brushed or polished stainless steel, polished or satin brass, or clear or bronze anodized, we have a pull handle finish for you.

Available Interior & Exterior Pull Handles:

  • Standard pull handles
  • Offset pull handles
  • C-pull handles
  • Ladder pulls
  • Locking ladder pulls
Custom Halfcircle Pull Handle

Exterior Custom Pull Handles with Top Latching Panic Device

Custom Hardware and Handles Bring Limitless Expression to Your Entry!

Want a custom interior or exterior handle for your commercial passageway or home? Extruding all custom handles in-house, PRL can produce virtually any design or shape*. That’s right. Rendering an abundance of solid and mixed finishes as well as diameters and sizes, you can have the storefront framing you’ve always dreamed of.

Captivating indoors and out, we can craft interior and exterior handles with customized company logos, tubular designs, complex geometric shapes and more. At PRL, our extrusion capabilities are unmatched. Experience the fine craftsmanship of our hardware by outfitting your access way with us.

Available Custom Interior & Exterior Handles:

  • Company logos
  • Curved handles
  • Tubular handles
  • Geometric shaped handles
  • S-Shaped handles

*Some limitations may apply. Please consult a PRL representative for details.

Exterior Panic Handles. Lavish Styles & Finishes for Storefront Panic Systems

PRL offers an impressive collection of exterior panic handles for glass and aluminum storefronts. Furnished in brushed and polished stainless steel, satin and polished brass, oil rubbed bronze and custom powder coated finishes, this hardware coordinates effortlessly with a host of corporate panic systems.

Panic Handle Tubular

A Style Exterior Panic Handle in Polished Stainless Steel Finish

Panic Handle Styles

PRL’s A-D Tubular Style Exterior Panic Handles

Design Continuity at Its Finest

Offering our own line of exterior panic handles, we also supply well known manufacturer’s push pad styles. Otherwise known as dummy handles, PRL’s exterior panic handles are designed to match our interior panic devices. With the ability to be adapted for any of our entry doors, this hardware not only offers design continuity, but also meets a variety of front ingress specifications.

Available Exterior Panic Handles:

  • A-Y style tubular panic handles: Manufacturer: PRL. Designed to match our interior panic devices.
  • Push pad style panic handles: Manufacturer: Von Duprin & Adams Rite

Exterior Deadbolt Handles. Premium Quality. Premium Selection.

For exterior deadbolt handles that offer fashionable style, don’t miss out on our hardware inventory. Design a framing system you can be sure of. Deal direct with PRL Glass & Aluminum. We create storefront thresholds that deliver uncompromised quality and class.

Elegant Security Equals Elegant Front Access Ways

Tailored with similar designs as our panic devices, our exterior deadbolt handles adorn interior and exterior applications beautifully. Offered in three standard styles, custom heights and a sweeping selection of features, this hardware provides security and can accommodate a number of entryway requirements*.

Available in a fabulous assortment of finishes, PRL’s deadbolt handles will satisfy the most discriminating of tastes. Whether you select from brushed or polished stainless steel, satin or polished brass, oil rubbed bronze or custom powder coated, our top quality finishes will dazzle as long as they last.

Available Exterior Deadbolt Handle Styles:

  • Round deadbolt
  • Square deadbolt
  • Full or partial height deadbolt
  • Custom tube design

Exterior Deadbolt Handle Features:

  • Operable from outside with key cylinder
  • Operable from inside with convenient thumb-turn
  • Locking option at the head or floor
  • Deadbolt mechanism at a convenient height
  • Custom manufactured to any length: Full or half size upon request
  • Manufactured in stainless steel

*Deadbolt handles are not to be confused with panic devices and do not qualify as such.
Custom lock modifications available upon request. Some limitations may apply. Please consult PRL for details.

Deadbolt Handle Full Height

Round Full Height Exterior Deadbolt Handle in Brushed Stainless Steel Finish

Storefront Framing Bronze Anodized

Storefront Framing in Bronze Anodized Finish

Superior Hardware and Handle Selection from a Superior Manufacturer PRL.

PRL’s hardware and handles. From our warehouse to your glass and aluminum storefront door, we have what you’re looking for. Create a refined commercial or residential front entrance with us! We’re the fastest growing storefront manufacturer in Southern California.

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