Glass Types. Endless Selection for Endless Storefronts

For a huge selection of popular, top quality glass types, shop at PRL! We offer infinite custom colored glass products, in boundless interlayer thicknesses & sizes. Together, we can increase energy efficiency and create a beautiful glass and aluminum storefront with exquisite style and color!

Laminated Privacy Glass Storefront

Exterior Storefront with Laminated Privacy Glass Transoms

From Functional to Decorative We Have It All!

Find a sensational medley of glass types for your storefront at PRL of the City of Industry! Furnishing a boundless assortment to choose from, we can meet virtually any architectural design for corporations, institutions and homes. Fabricating everything from functional to decorative glass product lines, we can help you design a captivating front entrance. Innovate your glass and aluminum storefront by ordering with us!

Perfect for an endless array of interior and exterior applications, our glass types are available in 1/4″ to 1″ glass thicknesses to fit a variety of storefront entry doors and glazing systems. Fabricated in-house, PRL implements the highest standards and stringent quality control to assure you receive the top quality glass products you’ve come to expect from us.

Beauty & High Performance All Rolled Into One

Need help reducing energy costs, increasing security or improving sound control? You’ve come to the right place. At PRL, we offer a huge collection of architectural glass types, high performance and laminated safety glass for aluminum storefront framing systems. Want to add your own personal touch to your front access way or grab some attention? We can help with that too. Offering infinite custom colored glass products and sandblasted glass images, logos and motifs, we can create thresholds with sophistication and style.

Spandrel Glass Storefront

Glass and Aluminum Storefront with Neutral Colored Spandrel Glass

Architectural Glass Types. Brilliant Clarity & Quality

Clear Glass Sample

Clear Architectural Glass

Low Iron Glass Sample

Low Iron Architectural Glass

Mirrored Clear Glass Sample

Clear Mirrored Architectural Glass

Mirrored Blue Glass Sample

Acid Etch Blue Mirrored Architectural Glass

For beautiful glass and aluminum storefronts add PRL’s architectural glass types. Available in your choice of annealed or tempered glass, this collection won’t disappoint. Providing outstanding clarity and a variety of colors, we deliver architectural glass types of the highest caliber. Explore our product line today! Once you see it, you’ll love it.

Available Architectural Glass Types:

  • Clear: Affords superior optical properties with high light transmittance & visibility
  • Low iron: Offers a practically colorless appearance in Starphire, Diamante & Optiwhite
  • Mirrored: Premium assortment of clear, bronze, gray & acid etch blue colors
IG Unit Grids Spacers

We Supply a Premium Collection of Spacers and Grids for IG Units

High Performance Glass Types. Increase Energy Efficiency with Style & Color

At PRL Glass & Aluminum, we furnish an expansive selection of high performance glass types for commercial and residential entryways. Offering increased energy efficiency, greater solar heat gain coefficients and u-values, our solar control glass has a lot to offer. Available in a generous range of options, these high performance glass products can meet a diverse number of storefront framing specifications.

Available High Performance Glass Types:

  • Insulated (IG): We can manufacture numerous arched & patterned shaped spacers & grids
  • Low E: Huge selection of hard & soft coats & Guardian SunGuard® coatings
  • Reflective: Over 10 industry standard colors in blues, greens & bronzes
  • Tinted: 10 colors in industry standard greens, blues, bronzes & greys
  • Tinted Uncoated: 10 industry standard colors in blues, greens, greys & bronzes

Laminated Safety Glass Types. Our Interlayers Can’t Be Beat!

Delivering added strength and security, it’s easy to see why our laminated safety glass has become one of our best sellers. Offering everything from bullet resistance, sound control, privacy and more, this glass product line is ideal for industrial glass and aluminum storefronts.

Laminated Bullet Resistant Glass

Top Protection for Storefronts. We Offer Bullet Resistant Glass for Threat Levels 1-8!

Laminated Color Glass Interlayers

12 Brilliant Rainbow Color Interlayers

Add a Splash of Protective Color to Glass & Aluminum Storefronts

Accommodating the growing demands to meet building code requirements, PRL’s become the trusted supplier for contractors, specifiers and architects. Rendering a huge inventory of top quality interlayers, our laminated safety glass not only meets an industry need, but is also available in a spectacular array of colors.

Available Laminated Safety Glass Types:

  • PVB interlayers: Clear & 3 whites
  • SentryGlas® interlayers: 5 times stronger & 100 times more rigid than traditional PVB interlayers. Impact rated & hurricane resistant!
  • Bullet resistant interlayers: UL tested to ammunition levels 1 -8
  • 12 Rainbow Color interlayers: Beautiful pinks, reds, yellows, blues & more!
  • Privacy glass interlayers: Go from transparent to opaque with the touch of a button

Colored & Decorative Glass Types. For The Most Discriminating of Tastes

For colored and decorative glass types that transform storefronts into awe-inspiring entries, contact PRL of California.

Offering a myriad of trendsetting choices, we can make your dreams come true. With the ability to produce breathtaking sandblasted glass images and endless custom hues, we can bring life to front access ways.

Sandblasted Glass Designs Custom

Design an Entrance to Impress. We Can Render Infinite Sandblasted Glass Designs

Gorgeous GlueChip Patterns & Borders

GlueChip Glass Pattern Bamboo

Bamboo GlueChip Pattern

GlueChip Glass Border Deco

Deco GlueChip Border

GlueChip Glass Pattern Lilly

Lilly GlueChip Pattern

GlueChip Glass Border Rope

Rope GlueChip Border

Stunning in a host of exterior and interior framing applications, our GlueChip patterns and borders will satisfy the most discriminating of tastes. Also extending a brilliant collection of popular textures, we bring refined style to glass and aluminum storefronts. Don't outfit your entry with a typical glass type. Add the wow factor with our colored and decorative glass options.

Spandrel Glass Color Samples

Complete Full Frame Entrance and Storefront Systems

Available Colored & Decorative Glass Types:

  • Spandrel: Unlimited custom colors & over 14 standard colors in blues, greens, whites, greys & more!
  • Textured: Over 15 popular textures & patterns
  • Sandblasted: Infinite custom designs, patterns, graphics & themes
  • GlueChip: Striking collection of borders & patterns

Stunning Glass Types for Stunning Storefronts

For a huge selection of popular, top quality glass types, shop at PRL! Our glass product lines leave no stone unturned. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and deal direct with us. Together, we can create beautiful glass and aluminum storefronts.

Laminated Glass Inlay Custom

Entrance Doors with Custom Laminated Inlay

PRL Storefront Catalog. Shop Our Vast Collection of Products!

Don’t miss out! Download our Glass and Aluminum Storefront Catalog. Whether you’re looking for access doors, center or offset glazing systems, glass types, hardware or handles, our catalog makes shopping a breeze.