Entrance Doors for Exteriors & Interiors

Make your entrance door count by counting on PRL of Southern California. Offering strength, reliability and uncompromised style, our front access doors bring sophistication to a wide array of exterior and interior commercial and residential applications.

Aluminum Framed Entrance Doors

Commercial, Industrial or Residential Entrance Doors, We Deliver Top Quality Storefronts

At PRL, we take pride in supplying premium quality products. Our storefront doors are no different. Manufactured in-house from durable 6063-T5 aluminum alloy, these doors are designed with strong, reinforced welded corner construction to provide top performance in heavy traffic areas. Create the glass and aluminum storefront your business or home deserves with our huge assortment of entry doors.

PRL’s Complete Entrance Door Packages. Pre-Glazed & Ready to Install! We Make it Easy!

Simply Striking Entarnce Doors for Corporations & Homes

Available in narrow, medium, wide and oversized stiles, our ingress doors can meet a variety of architectural designs and opening sizes. Offering complete storefront entrance door packages as well as customizations, we not only provide convenience but can render awe-inspiring custom passageways in a host of decorative styles and designs.

Our entrance doors are offered in single acting offset pivot, butt hinge and center pivot operations. To accommodate difficult and out of square openings, PRL’s door pairs are available with standard or adjustable vertical stiles. Manufactured with standard 10″ bottom rails to meet ADA regulations, we can also custom extrude a wide range of top and bottom rail sizes to meet your storefront needs.

Furnishing a vast selection of glass types, hardware and handles, we can build entry doors to increase energy efficiency, meet building codes and to satisfy safety and emergency egress requirements. Offering an impressive array of standard aluminum and clad finishes, we provide numerous choices to complement exteriors and interiors perfectly.

Entry Doors Muntins Grids

Entrance Doors with Horizontal and Vertical Muntins and Grids

Commercial, Industrial or Residential, We Deliver Top Quality Storefront Doors

Narrow Stile Door

Narrow Stile Entrance Doors. For Inviting Storefronts

Boasting slender sight lines and generous visibility, our narrow stile entrance doors are the clear choice for bright, open front thresholds. Create an inviting glass and aluminum storefront for your organization or residence with PRL’s narrow stile doors.

Equipped with 2″ vertical stiles and rails, these aluminum doors accommodate maximum widths up to 3 ft., 6 in. and maximum door heights up to 8 ft. Industry standard in style and performance, our narrow doors accept most standard hardware to make ordering and installation easy.

Narrow Stile Entrance Door Features & Options:

  • Vertical Stile Size: 2″ narrow
  • Available Top & Bottom Rails: 2″, 3 1/4″, 5 1/8″ & 10″

Medium Stile Entrance Doors. A Top Performer for Commercial Applications

Designed for industrial applications, our medium stile entry doors are manufactured with strong, reinforced corner construction. A top performer in today’s market, these access doors are ideal for exterior and interior offices, restaurants, hotels, and a host of other corporate entrances.

Accepting both standard and custom hardware, our medium stile doors can meet a wide variety of glass and aluminum storefront architectural specifications. Extruded with 3 1/2″ vertical stiles and rails, these ingress doors fit maximum widths up to 4 ft. and maximum door heights up to 9 ft.

Medium Stile Entrance Door Features & Options:

  • Vertical Stile Size: 3 1/2″ medium
  • Available Top & Bottom Rails: 3 1/4″, 5 1/8″ & 10″
Medium Stile Door
Wide Stile Door

Wide Stile Entrance Doors. For Access Ways That Stand the Test of Time

Offering uncompromised strength and reliability, our wide stile entrance doors are perfect for heavy, every day, commercial use passageways. Designed to accommodate maximum door widths up to 4ft. and maximum heights up to 9ft., these aluminum doors feature 5″ vertical stiles and rails.

There’s no doubt about it, PRL’s wide stile doors will stand up to whatever you deliver. Constructed from durable, premium quality 6063-T5 aluminum alloy, these entry doors provide stability for heavy traffic areas and also accommodate standard, heavy duty and high security hardware as well as panic systems. Design a glass and aluminum storefront that meets your needs by contacting us today!

Wide Stile Entrance Door Features & Options:

  • Vertical Stile Size: 5″ wide
  • Available Top & Bottom Rails: 5 1/8″ & 10″

Oversized Entrance Doors. Stately Storefronts in Endless Sizes & Heights

Need an oversized entryway door for your glass and aluminum storefront? You’ve come to the right place. The go-to source for contractors, specifiers and architects, you can rest assured we deliver top quality products. Manufacturing all access doors in-house, we can accommodate an endless selection of opening sizes and heights to create the grandest of thresholds*.

Equipped with vertical stiles and rails to match your specifications, we extrude these aluminum doors with reinforced framing to ensure strength and durability. Captivating in a myriad of professional and residential storefronts, our oversized entrance doors will last as long as they enchant.

*Please consult with PRL for glass type and hardware options. Some restrictions may apply.

Entrance Door Features & Options:

  • Rigid construction with 4-point mechanical fasteners & welded corners
  • Manufactured with 6063-T5 aluminum alloy
  • Heavy duty extrusions
  • Single weather stripping
  • Large assortment of horizontal & vertical muntin bars
  • Optional 1″ & 1/2″ glass stops
  • Available top & bottom rails: 2″, 3 1/4″ 5 1/8″, 10″ & custom
  • All hardware options available
  • ADA/Title 24 compliant

PRL’s Custom Entrance Doors. Bring the Wow Factor to Your Glass & Aluminum Storefront

For breathtaking custom entry doors that offer unlimited adaptability and design, deal direct with us. Rendering an infinite array of ornate door styles we can bring your visions to life. Strong and durable for heavy, every day use, these doors combine the best of form and function making them ideal for corporate and residential applications. Create a glass and aluminum storefront like no other with PRL’s custom entrance doors.

Have an inspired design or challenging layout for your front threshold? No problem. We can manufacture custom storefront doors to meet your architectural specifications. Whether you envision single or double doors with curved framing, aluminum infill panels, custom shaped vertical or horizontal muntins or grids, or an original sandblasted glass design, we can do it all.

Extruding and fabricating all aluminum extrusions, brake metal and glass in-house, we can produce custom ingress doors with virtually any specializations you may need. We can render custom vertical stile sizes, top and bottom rails, framing, custom finishes, hardware and more…

Custom Entry Doors Transom

Custom Ingress Doors with Arched Transom, Muntins and Grids in Dark Bronze Anodized Finish

Available Custom Entrance Door Options:

Vertical & Horizontal Muntin & Grid Shapes:

  • Square
  • Octagon
  • Rectangle

Custom Aluminum Extrusions & Brake Metal Components:

  • Entry door framing
  • Storefront stock lengths
  • Large assortment of custom angles
  • Vast array of custom circle shapes
  • Custom hallow shapes cut with precision
  • Huge collection of custom corners, connectors, cornices & more
  • Custom extruded hardware
  • Custom extruded handles

Custom Glass Fabrication:

  • Mitered & polished corners & edges
  • Pattern cuts
  • Curved shapes
  • Intricate notching
  • Specialty edgework
  • Custom sandblasted glass designs, logos & graphics
  • Custom GlueChip borders & patterns
  • Custom laminated glass inlay designs

Available Custom Entrance Door Designs:

  • Monumental doors with wide horizontal muntins
  • Access doors with fixed side panels
  • Custom laser cut aluminum infill panels
  • Entrance doors with custom curved framing & transoms
  • Custom sized doors with standard or custom vertical or horizontal muntins
  • Singe & double doors with panic devices
  • Single & double doors with full-length & custom pull handles
  • And more!
Complete Storefront Packages

Complete Storefront Entrance Door Packages. Yes! We Include Everything!

At PRL, we value convenience, hassle-free ordering and easy assembly as much as you do. That’s why we offer complete storefront entrance door packages. Yep, that’s right! We make it simple. As a genuine single-source supplier, we provide everything you need for an entire glass and aluminum access way.

Furnishing an impressive selection of entry doors, glazing systems, glass types and a huge collection of hardware and handles, our storefront packages offer architectural design flexibility. And, because we fabricate and extrude all framing and materials in our facility, our glass and aluminum storefronts ship pre-glazed and ready to install. What more could you ask for? We’ll have you up and running in no time.

Storefront Entrance Door Packages Include Your Choice Of:

  • Entrance door stile: Narrow, medium, wide or oversize
  • All related sidelites
  • All related door hardware
  • Glazing system: Center or offset
  • Glass type
  • Door handles

Entrance Door Finishes That Dazzle & Delight

Offering a wide array of entry door finishes, our selection stands above the rest. Available in a collection of standard aluminum as well as clad finishes, our lush assortment creates beautiful glass and aluminum storefronts. Providing the finest cladding options, we offer quality that can’t be beat.

Available Standard Aluminum Finishes:

  • Clear anodized
  • Dark bronze anodized
  • Powder coat
  • Kynar paint
  • Custom*

Available Clad Finishes:

  • Anodized
  • Powder coat
  • Kynar paint

Available Cladding Options:

  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Bronze

*Please consult with PRL. Some restrictions may apply to custom finishes.

Entry Doors Brass Finish

Storefront Access Doors in Brass Clad Finish

Entrance Door Glass Types. Performance, Safety & Decorative. We Have it All

For a sweeping selection of glass types for your entrance door, shop at PRL Glass & Aluminum! Furnishing a host of options ranging from functional to decorative, we can create front passageways that are not only flattering, but also offer safety and exceptional energy performance.

Architectural Glass:

  • Annealed
  • Tempered
  • Clear
  • Low iron

Performance Glass:

  • Insulated (IG)
  • Low E
  • Tinted
  • Tinted uncoated
  • Reflective

Laminated Safety Glass:

  • PVB Interlayers
  • SentryGlas® interlayers
  • Bullet resistant interlayers
  • Hurricane impact resistant interlayers
  • 12 Rainbow Color interlayers
  • Privacy glass interlayers

Colored & Decorative Glass:

  • Spandrel
  • Textured
  • Sandblasted

Entrance Door Hardware & Handles. Combining Function & Style

Available Hardware:

  • Storefront stock lengths
  • Rails & sidelites
  • Pivots, hinges & closers
  • Door locks
  • Panic devices

Available Handles:

  • Standard pull handles
  • Custom pull handles
  • Exterior panic handles
  • Exterior deadbolt handles
  • find more…
Aluminum Entry Doors

Front Passageway Doors You Can Rely On

PRL’s entrance doors. Offering beauty and durability, they just add up to better. Create a glass and aluminum storefront designed to impress with us. Supplying the glazing industry with top quality products out of Los Angeles County since 1989, we’re the right choice.

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